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Curious about Trinity and how you can get involved? Stay tuned for details on our next Discovering Trinity class! We talk about our history, our beliefs and where we see God taking us in the future!  

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We value prayer as central to our faith journey and believe we are called to be a house of prayer. Please join us for our: 

- Corporate Prayer time during our Sunday Service

- Prayer Meetings on Wednesday @ 6:30pm in the prayer portable

- Pre-Service Prayer on Sunday @8:30am in the prayer portable

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We have a variety of life groups that deal with a number of different topics.  Our life groups meet at different times and locations throughout the week. We strongly believe that life groups build a stronger, deeper sense of community and connection.  If you are interested in joining a life group please contact office@trinityemc.com

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Being Born and Being Born Again: Some Remarkable Parallels


How embryos are constructed and prepared so they can be born and souls are readied so they can be born again.

  Join us on July 28 as Professor Wayne Brodland describes some of the remarkable processes that form the human fetus inside the womb. The photos will reveal how we are "knit together" before we are born. Over the course of more than two decades, he and his research team at the University of Waterloo studied the forces that drive some of the exquisite motions that create the necessary shapes. 

Interesting parallels exist between the steps that form an embryo and prepare it to be born and those that prepare a person to be "born again."  Learn why Jesus' reply to Nicodemus, "You must be born again," is so fitting.

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Prophetic Evenings

Trinity Church will be hosting Prophetic Evenings with Howard Rubinow on July 19 & 20 @ 7pm.

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