Details about Breeze and the New Directory

Trinity uses an online platform called Breeze to keep our database, manage volunteers, and check kids in for events. All regular participants in the community have a profile in Breeze and we will use this information to produce a new Photo Directory.

We need you to upload your favourite picture of yourself and your family into your profile and make sure your information is correct.

If you already have a Breeze account for Trinity, sign in as always and skip the instructions on how to create an account. If you don't yet have an account, click here or on the picture, or the "Go to Breeze" button.

How to create an account:

  • Enter your name and email address and hit "Continue"
  • Check your email for the activation link
  • Click on the "Create Account" button in the email
  • Pick a username and password
  • Click on "Log In"
  • Use the username and password to sign in

How to Upload a picture of yourself:

  • Click on the box to the left of your name
  • Hit "Upload Image" to browse your files and select the picture you want
  • Move and resize the crop box as desired and click on "Set as Profile"

How to Upload a Family Photo:  

  • Scroll down to the "Family" Section
  • Click on the Heading box once it says "Click to edit section"
  • Click on the image box and follow the same steps as above

How to Update My Information

  • Click the section heading where the update is needed
  • Enter the desired information
  • Click "Save"

Checkout some screenshots

**If you would like to opt out of being included in the Directory, you can mark that in your profile or  click here and fill out the form**

If you prefer, you can email your pictures to or you can find Andrea Patterson or Andy Morris to have your picture taken on a Sunday morning.


Trinity uses Breeze to manage our database. We will print a directory based on the information in Breeze.

Please upload a photo of our yourself and your family and ensure all of you info is correct.