Trinity Supported Missionaries


Support with Prayer and Finance

Trinity believes in missions, because God's love and grace are for everyone. God is impacting lives all over the world through His people. We are very proud to stand with our Missionary Partners in prayer and contribute to their financial support.

Dan & Anne Marie Chapple

They have been serving in Mexico since 2002.

Rob & Sharlene Dilts

They have been serving among First Nations Communities in Northern Ontario since 2018.

Tim & Kathy Elliot

They have been serving among the immigrant population of Kitchener since 2008.

Donald & Lorraine Gingras

They have been serving in Quebec since 2008.

Jonathan Griffiths

He has been serving with Trans World Radio since 1993, currently in Austria.

Marilyn McIlroy

She has been serving Haiti since 1983. She currently is based in Canada at the EMCC office and leads missions teams to Haiti and many other places.

Pam Morris

She has been serving in Burkina Faso since 2006 supporting Bible translation.

Karen Morris

She has been serving in Spain since 2005.

Marilyn Schmitt

She has been serving Burkina Faso since 1995. She is currently based in Ontario.

Dan & Kerry Wiens

They have been serving in South Africa since 2010.

Other Missions

Trinity supports other Missions organizations such as Open Door and e3 Partners they are having Kingdom impact locally and all over the world. We have always prioritized missions and, as a result, we have been connected to over 40 different countries over the last 40 years.