Membership a Trinity Evangelical Missionary Church

Membership at Trinity

Are you interested in Membership at Trinity?

Thank you for your connection to Trinity and your interest in becoming a member.

The membership application process is intended to ensure that you understand the church and help the church to understand you. We would love to talk to you, if at any point you have any questions or concerns. 

We value you as part of Trinity and we want everyone’s voice to be heard on all our congregational decisions. Thank you for your desire to become a member. Members have the right to vote at corporate meetings and the ability to hold leadership roles.

Membership Process

1) Prayerfully complete the Membership Application, online or on paper

2) Take the Discovering Trinity Course

  • Watch the videos below and answer the reflection questions for each section
  • Or attend the Discovering Trinity series in person (offered periodically throughout the year)

3) Arrange an interview with the Elders 

Discovering Trinity Video 1 - Introduction

Join Pastor James as he gives some introductory words to help you Discover Trinity Church.

The "Discovering Trinity" Course is also offered in person from time to time.

Discovering Trinity Video 2 - Core Value Prayer

Pastor James discusses the 1st of 5 Core Values in this video on Prayer. 

After listening to this video, think about a time when you sensed God leading you or showing you something in His Word and you clearly sensed Him communicating with you. What was it like? 

Think about a time when God answered your prayers.

Reflection Response

Discovering Trinity Video 3 - Core Value Power

Paul says in Romans 1:16 that the Gospel is the Power of God that brings salvation to everyone that believes. At Trinity we value to work of the Holy Spirit that demonstrates the Power of God in our midst.

What are some of your thoughts after listening to this video about the power of God at work?

Have you experienced God's power at work in your life?

Have you ever witnessed a miracle of some kind?

What does it mean for a church to value the work of the Holy Spirit?

Reflection response

Discovering Trinity Video 4 - Core Value Great Commission

Matthew 29:18-20 is the Great Commission given by Jesus to his followers about making disciples of All Nations.

What does it mean for you to live a missional life in your context?

Have you ever shared your faith with someone?

Reflection response | See the Missionaries we support

Discovering Trinity Video 5 - Core Value Worship

Join Pastor James as he talks about worship and what it means for the Body of Christ to come together and worship God together.

Can you think of a time when God met with you powerfully? When did that happen and what was it like?

How has this message on worship helped you think of worship in a different way?

Reflection Response

Discovering Trinity Video 6 - Core Value Community

Trinity aims to create a culture of love and honour.

What does it mean to live in community as God's People?

Have you ever seen God work through a team of people to accomplish a great task?

Reflection Response