Growth Groups

Hearing God Seminar

Does God still speak today? This is one of the most important questions a Christian can explore, and has huge implications for every aspect of a person’s life and walk with God.  

Everyone is welcome. This seminar is designed to guides the participants into a progressively growing relationship with God through the application of hearing God in all aspects of life.  

Each of the six sessions has three components:  

  • A teaching section to give seminar participants understanding of what Scripture says about hearing and conversing with God 
  • A practicum section to guide seminar participants into the practice of various aspects of hearing and conversing with God. 
  • A homework section to guide seminar participants to grow in their practice of hearing and conversing with God.  

Stay tuned for when our 6 week seminar will be held again!

Exploring The Prophetic

Join us for a 3-week adventure of exploring prophecy and what it looks like in the context of our church culture. Register for our next class with 

Prayer Summit

Trinity values prayer as a central part of our faith journey. Join us for an evening of prayer as we press in for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival in Waterloo Region. Stay tuned for details on our next prayer summit. 

Set Free Retreat

We have seen many people set free from stronghold and hurts in their lives through Christ's power found in confession, forgiveness and inner healing. Stay tuned for details on our next Set Free Retreat.