Sunday Morning Bible Study - The Book of John

No other writer reveals Jesus so intimately as John. John pulls back the curtain to share Jesus’ private, powerful prayer to His Father for us, His disciples. He tells us Jesus wept over the sorrow of Martha and Mary. He records Jesus’ deep teachings about the indwelling Holy Spirit. He reveals Jesus’ tender love for the little flock who responded to His call to follow Him. He gives us the innermost thoughts and emotions of the Lord. 

If you’re interested in knowing Jesus more intimately, then please join us on Sunday mornings for discussion and study. We meet in the basement from 8:30 - 9:45am. What better way to begin the Sabbath and preparing for worship than spending time in the Word!  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Sandra Moon.


Women's Ministry

We have women's ministry opportunities throughout the year such as conferences, events as well as pop-up events. Pop-up events are hosted sporadically in individuals homes, touch on a variety of topics and are limited to a smaller number of attendance to create an intimate sharing setting. 

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Men's Ministry


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